Pot It Like It’s Hot: The Bear Paw Succulent

Taking care of plants has recently become a trend on popular social media outlets such as Tik Tok and Instagram.Succulents and cacti, in particular, are gaining attention due to their simplicity and very straight forward needs. In particular, the Bear Paw succulent would be an adorable addition to any plant collection. 

The Bear Paw, or Cotyledon tomentosa, is a succulent with thick round leaves and dark red tipped ridges across the top. The shape and ridges are said to resemble the shape of a bear paw, as the name portrays. This plant can grow up to 30 cm tall and, in the spring, they can produce an orange bell-shaped flower. 

During the summer, regular watering is necessary for maintaining the health of the succulent, just like any other plant. When the soil looks to be dry on the top, that’s when you know it’s time to water it. The best types of pots to use for any plant is one with a drainage hole on the bottom. This could be designed as one hole in the center of the bottom of the pot, or with an insert on the bottom that collects the extra water. 

Another way to water a plant is to do a method called the “soak and drain method.” This method has you bring the plant to a hose or sink and completely soak the plant and soil and allow it to fully drain from the drainage hole on the bottom. This method allows for a thorough watering of your plant to make sure it’s completely hydrated. 

 The succulent should also be placed in an area where there is a lot  of indirect sunlight, preferably a south facing window oroutdoors for up to 6 hours. The amount of sun and the amount of water go hand in hand, so make sure there’s always the proper amount of sunlight and are able to adjust the the water as needed.

Another thing many people forget about is pests. Like many other plants, the bear paw can attract pests so, regular inspections of the leaves is helpful in maintaining the health of the plant. Sometimes the pests are missed due to the silver hairs on the leaves of the plant so make sure to look thoroughly. 

Caring for a Bear Paw succulent is fairly simple, just making sure to provide for it’s basics needs to keep it happy and healthy.