Big Changes for Mr. Biggs

Over the past year, there have been many changes within the Nashoba Regional High School Community. One of the biggest changes is the new Dean of Students, Mr. Biggs. Although Mr. Biggs is new to this role, he is not new to NRHS, and students are excited to see one of their favorite teachers at the helm.

 When asked about the title “Dean of Students,” Mr. Biggs explained that the job involves “creating an atmosphere at the high school that allows students to be comfortable and successful” while, at the same time, “establishing relationships with students that allow for better academic and behavioral progress.” 

His goal for this year is to  “create the best virtual environment for our students as possible while designing ways to use our remote learning schedule as an opportunity to bring students into the building safely.” When asked what word he would use to describe this upcoming school year he said “opportunity.”

The Covid pandemic has created many struggles and new ways of life such as not returning to school and learning remotely. When asked what struggles these unique circumstances have caused Mr. Biggs said that it has been more difficult to form relationships. But, he added that it has been rewarding being able to still work effectively on a virtual platform with his colleagues. 

Mr. Biggs wants students to know that they are not alone. He added that “we may not be able to see through the lens of a student, but we certainly are facing the same challenges. Be kind to each other and enjoy tackling these challenges together.” 

Students, as well, are having to deal with the struggle and new way of life that is virtual learning.  When asked what advice he had for students this year he said to “take time for yourself.” He explained how students are able to “get caught up with work and sit behind a screen for most of the day.” He recommends that students should stay in touch with what they enjoy and use it as an outlet to relieve some of the stresses that may come with virtual learning.