Welcome to our new Assistant Principal, Jon Krol

Leo Lukaszevicz, Senior Editor

With coronavirus sweeping the nation, the school year had to be reimagined, and these new unprecedented times called for new team members to take on the challenge. Mr. Jon Krol recently became the second Assistant Principal to join the staff at Nashoba Regional High School.

His love for teaching began when he volunteered to teach in Tanzania. He then worked at an SAT Prep company, eventually becoming a teacher and counselor, and later moved to Central Massachusetts. After holding multiple guidance, teacher, and assistant principal roles at various schools, he saw the opening at Nashoba and knew he had to apply. 

Mr. Krol joined the NRHS community in July of this year. “I have loved everything about it,” he said. “It’s the most organized, capable, and well-functioning school system I have worked in.”  He has said he is impressed with the systems in place and the leadership and  describes it as “incredible.” He is very happy to see how dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate the staff at Nashoba are. 

With the new COVID-19 restrictions, Mr.Krol had to help design plans for the new school year.  With the help of the other new assistant principal, Mrs. Boulay, and the support of Mr. Cullinane, he worked with over 30 teachers, administrators, parents, and students as part of a task force this summer. “The team worked together, discussing what various reopening plans might look like,” he recalls. “Eventually we settled on remote learning as the best option for effective teaching and learning.”

When it comes to the remote learning school day, he describes that they have changed everything and nothing at the same time. He goes on to say, “We have reimagined school. But on the same token, we’re still Nashoba; we’re still a community.” 

Mr. Krol is very excited to see what the next few years have in store and is ready to bring his talent to the table. “Nashoba is a wonderful place and I want to do whatever I can to keep it wonderful,” he states. He is very enthusiastic about the plans to create a new building in the coming years. He said he still has the  “heart of a guidance counselor” and wants to support the students at Nashoba as much as he can. Mr. Krol wants to give them a voice and agency within their school. “I want to support the staff,” he added, “providing opportunities for professional growth and development.” He sees school as a learning center for both the students and staff and wants to emphasize the importance of trying new things and learning from each other: “View mistakes as learning opportunities.”