So You’re Out of School, What Now?

Grace Bolinsky, Contributing Editor

So your school just closed because of a world wide virus, and you’re socially distancing yourself (and hopefully washing your hands). You’re probably thinking well, what am I going to do now?  Here is a list of five fun and interactive ways to pass the time. 

Exercise: Obviously one of the best ways to pass time, but it is hard to find motivation to work out. A fun way to start exercising is to do certain exercise moves to your favorite shows! If you click here, it will bring you to a buzzfeed article with different workout routines to your favorite shows! 

Try a New Recipe: If you’re like me, the app Tik – Tok is amazing for finding new recipes that instantly make me hungry. Try to make dinner plans or bake a new dessert over this break! 

Do Online Homework: If you are desperately missing school, then get caught up on that homework that your teacher gave you. Or any late work you forgot to turn in before the break – it will make you feel a lot more productive and will also put you ahead for when we go back to school! Check your Google Clasrooms!

Arts and Crafts: We all miss the fun days back in elementary school when we got to have arts and crafts time. Try drawing something new or coloring. It will de-stress you and also get your creative juices flowing. 

Clean: So you keep putting off cleaning your room because you have been busy with homework, sports, theater, etc. This is the perfect time to deep clean your room. Spring cleaning can help boost your productivity levels and it also can help your focus with other things.