Nashoba Volleyball in the Zone


Hannah Feakes, Editor

Get ready Nashoba fans, this season is heating up! s Volleyball has been off to a great start so far, especially in their game Wednesday night against Marlborough, where the team won three of four sets for the first time in history. Captain Abby Slater posts about the win on Facebook. She says, “Let it be known we have never taken more than one set from Marlborough. Today, we took the first, second and fourth sets. WAY TO GO BRING HOME A WIN NGV!”

This positive energy portrayed by all three captains, the coach and most importantly, the players, is what kept them all motivated and determined to play their best and bring home a win, finally making Nashoba history and more importantly, finally making a name for Nashoba Volleyball. Slater beams, “I speak for all of our players when I say that we want to be known as a bonded, close knit team who takes any challenge head on. We saw this Marlborough game as a challenge to test our skill and show our worth.”

The team has the right mindset going into all the games and because of that the varsity and junior varsity players worked effortlessly together as a unified team.

Slater shines light on what the goals for this season are and how they are meeting them, one game at a time. “We came into this season with one big goal: a banner. Nashoba volleyball has always wanted to make a name for ourselves, and leave a legacy. This year, we have a much more competitive team that WANTS to win. Going into the Marlboro game, we had in our mind the idea of how we have never beaten them and never won more than one set against them. They were a tough opponent, and we knew that.”

“Being the underdogs of the season, no one expected much. But winning the Marlboro game put our name out there as a threat for the league champions. However, even though we beat them we as a team know we can’t be cocky. We must go in there ready to fight for all the games we play. Our energy is up, and it will stay up until we reach our goal.”

After winning that one game the hopes and expectations of the team has skyrocketed and that motivation is clearly visible on the court. The team is currently 6-5 and continuing to improve. Since that Marlborough game, NGV has played Hudson Public School 3-0, Leominster 3-0, Ayer Shirley RSD 3-0, and Fitchburg 3-0. Unfortunately, the team lost to both Groton Dunstable 1-3 and North Middlesex 0-3 but are working on strengthening their skills for upcoming games.

Nashoba Volleyball has improved a tremendous amount this past year and has really achieved their goals and made a name for themselves! Keep supporting NGV as they work towards bringing home more wins and more legacy!