Over the Hills and Far Away, the Foyer is.


Brittany Cormier, Editor

The whole system’s been thrown out of whack. Everything’s falling apart. Chaos reigns supreme, Society will be sucked into oblivion and forced to subjugate to the Great Old Ones.


Or at least in my mind it’s like that. I’m sure there’s a logical, understandable reason to move study to an equally logical place. Having everyone move from the cafe to… the auditorium foyer? Really?


Do you know how far that is from anything in this school? It’s miles. Plus the location isn’t very conducive to learning. Location, Location, Location they say. I guess the cafe wasn’t very good for that either though what with all the openings and what not. I’d suggest the library, but it’s so small, that I don’t think it’d be wise to move it there either. Not with the cacophonous crowd that already goes there to “study”.


I think we need a new school. Times are changing and those who can’t change with it should get left behind. I heard that we could shell out over a million for the football field and yet the school’s in a state of disrepair. I also heard that that might have started about a decade ago, so the school may have been in better condition. At any rate, it still shows a preference for sports over education if you ask me.


Is there even enough room in the foyer for everyone? Lack of breathing space breeds pestilence. That’s how the entero epidemic will start…. The Ebola pandemic… The zombie apocalypse….


On the brightside, it’s right next to an exit! So if the zombies do come, the foyer people will definately get out first. Or that’s how the zombies get into the school and the foyer people all die first. Can you tell I just started watching The Walking Dead last night?


I don’t know what to tell you. Can’t we just punish the kids that skip to go the cafeteria? Or are all the teachers asleep on the job? I think if we learned to keep track of students we’d have an easier time not losing them. I think the solution is really simple, but people are either too lazy to go through with it or too stupid to figure something out.