“You Fight, We Fight” to Win It All

You Fight, We Fight to Win It All

Hannah Feakes, Editor

This 2014 Fall season has been the most exciting and successful yet for Nashoba Field Hockey! As of right now the team is 1-0; Nashoba Field Hockey has made an incredible comeback since last season and finally, after fifteen years of unsuccessful attempts and making history, the team crushed Shrewsbury 6-1 in their second game of this season.

The winning streak continued as Nashoba beat Hudson 4-0, North Middlesex 2-0, and Groton Dunstable 8-1. Algonquin proved to be a challenge, Nashoba was out of their element that night and lost an extremely close game with the final score being 2-3.

The players increased their intensity level and it showed because they have won the last five games of the regular season with wins against Shepard Hill 7-0, Leominster 3-1, Wachusett 4-0, Shrewsbury 3-0 and Westford 2-0.

It is obvious to everyone watching that NFH is on fire and working beautifully together without any intention of giving up their qualifying spot for districts. Captain Olivia Hurd describes the teams assets, “We are a very strong passing team, and we all work very well together on the field. We tried to make the whole team feel confident in our abilities, and I think that definitely showed in our intensity and relentlessness throughout the whole game.”

As captain Emma Caviness proudly said, “we pumped up for the Shrewsbury game like we have for our other games this season: locker room huddle, the high paced warm up, and our hyped up cheer, the coolest thing though, was that the girls didn’t need any pumping up, we were already unified in our mindset, and raring to go.”

The team took their passion on the turf Wednesday September 23rd and played for Sophomore Michelle Farnsworth who was on the field hockey team her freshman year and has been battling cancer. Fans wore blue to the game and although Michelle was unable to make the game, the fans sent her a video of their chants and the team on the field.

Caviness posted on Facebook the night prior to the game encouraging students to support Michelle and the team. She says, “NASHOBA, listen up! Tomorrow night is NFH’s MICHELLE NIGHT! Our girl Michelle Farnsworth is fighting cancer like a total badass, so lets show her that we always have her back! Be at the turf for 7pm, and deck out in blue cuz thats her color.” Most of the senior class attended the game and donated to the “You Fight, We Fight” fund that helped Michelle and proved to her that the whole Nashoba community is rooting for her and supporting her.

The support that night and for the entirety of the season so far has been unreal and the fans provide motivation for the team to bring home win after win for Nashoba. Playoffs are coming up so make sure to keep the energy up and continue to support Nashoba Field Hockey and Michelle Farnsworth as they make their way to victory, in more way than one!