Trump and Fox News

The Fox News Logo as taken from

The Fox News Logo as taken from

Elena Naze, Chief Editor

It would appear that the Trump media crusade is no longer just attacking the “liberal media”. This past week, President Trump went on another Twitter rant. This time, however, it’s rant focused on Fox News.

Fox News has invited several of the Democratic candidates for Town Hall events. Most recently, Pete Buttigieg joined Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and Kirsten Gillibrand to share their view as Democratic candidates on Fox News.

And despite the conservative reputation of Fox News, Buttigieg was received quite well. Even earning a standing ovation.

But his ovation wasn’t because he was pandering to the audience. Buttigieg expressed wanting to restore moral authority into the office of presidency, appointing judges who support reproductive health, and even criticizing Trump for his possible plans to pardon war criminals.

Even while on Fox News he still criticized the show, “A lot of folks in my party were critical of me for even doing this with Fox News.” He continued saying, “I get where that’s coming from, especially when you see what goes on with some of the opinion hosts on this network.”

Because of Buttigieg and other democrats appearing on Fox News, Trump has started to voice his dislike. Saying in a tweet, “Hard to believe that @FoxNews is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is moving more and more to the losing (wrong) side in covering the Dems. They got dumped from the Democrats boring debates, and they just want in. They forgot the people…..”

But Trump forgets that there are 25 democratic candidates running for President, and only 2 running for Republican. Whether they are a conservative news source or not- they have to report the news. They can’t just ignore the large group of candidates, and even if they wanted to they wouldn’t have enough Republicans to fill their air time.

No matter your stance on Fox News, Trump turning against them is not a good sign for media as a whole or democracy. Regardless if it is biased or not, news is still news. Trump’s war on news and the media has terrifying consequences like the steady loss of freedom of the press and the growing number of attacks on journalists.

Trump turning on the one media company he seemed to like moves media and news organizations and their credibility even further from him and his base. This new attack will only cause more tension between the American people and the news; opening the door to the potential and probable loss of freedom of the press.