Get Busy with STUCO


Hannah Feakes, Editor

The school has gotten off to a smooth start but with homework, studying and extra curriculars, and the students are focused and busy on schoolwork. That’s no fun is it?

Put down the books because Student Council has been planning exciting fall activities for weeks with the intention of bringing the student body together and having a great time.

Get out your calendar and read carefully because you might want to write this list of awesome activities down!

The action starts October 3rd with the Neon Dance. If you haven’t heard about this event you are seriously uninformed. There are posters lining the halls of Nashoba and the details have been posted on every social media site possible. Check out the online Chieftain Press’s “Neon Dance” is 2014′s Party of the Year article for more information. The dance will be held in the lower gym at 7pm.

Only days after the dance, October 6th – 10th, spirit week will be kicked off with dressing up, representing Nashoba and having class pride in silly ways. The week starts off on Monday with students dressing up in all black for Stealth Day. Make sure to go all out on Tuesday because its Country Day! Although overalls, flannels, cowboy boots, and hats are all encouraged the trucks need to stay in the parking lot.

Wednesday is a day that may be a little too close to home for many students at Nashoba. Show your support on Breast Cancer Awareness Day by wearing pink and other symbols of hope for those battling the disease. Ask your dad to borrow his ugly tropical shirt (every father has one…) because Thursday is Hawaiian Day! Leis, grass skirts, floaties, and tropical fruit is the suggested attire for this spirit day. Hopefully it will be warm! To wrap up 2014’s spirit week, Friday is Chieftain Day! Everything green, gold and white is expected! What better way to show Nashoba pride than dressing up as a chieftain? So everyone should all know what they are wearing that week, you’re welcome.

Wednesday the 8th is a first for Nashoba students. Student Council has planned an outdoor movie night on the turf with America’s favorite movie, The Sandlot. Bring blankets, food, drinks and chairs for an amazing night under the stars with friends.

Shout out to all the football fanatics! Friday October 10th is the Homecoming Football game! Come out and show your support for the guys on one of the most exciting games of the season. Tickets are three dollars for students and five dollars for general admission. Food, friends and screaming until you lose your voice, what sounds better?

Its almost time for Thanksgiving break, but first STUCO has a few more activities planned for us.

Look forward to a little competition between classes because Monday, November 24th is Powderpuff!! All grades will battle it out under the lights on the turf for the sought after prize… T-shirts! Sophomores against Freshmen and Seniors against Juniors. Last year the Juniors took the win and strutted through the halls in their snazzy new T- shirts. They are thirsty for blood again this year and have no mercy. Sign  ups will be the cafeteria the week prior to the event. Good luck, and may the best grade win!

Everyone is just getting excited for all the fun activities students have the chance to participate in, but unfortunately there’s only one more to announce. Tuesday, November 25th (the day before Thanksgiving break) is… wait for it….. THE PEP RALLY!! The pep rally is one of the best days of the year, the band, fall sports, captains, cheerleaders and even teachers all participate in pep rally with the rest of the student body cheering them on! We pull out all the stops at Nashoba pep rally so Freshmen, try to keep up. Chants, cheers and Nashoba spirit are just a few examples of what makes the pep rally unforgettable!

That’s a lot of information to swallow, but don’t get frazzled. Student Council will advertise for each of the events and will make sure that the whole school is in the know. For more information contact Alexis Shamsi or Danielle Kennon!