xServitudex Getting Removed from Concert Bookings After Accusations of Racism and Homophobia Online

Kenneth Lally, Contributor

The band Servitude, often written as xServitudex, was a screamo band formed in the UK in 2016. They had growing popularity from  thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. Servitude released two records, Path To Amnesty and Bringing You Hell, both which were well received by critics.

Path To Amnesty was their debut single, featuring songs such as “Temple” and “Servitude” which brought a fairly new sound to the UK punk and metal scene. The second EP was “Bringing You Hell,” which came out in February of this year.

xServitudex toured Europe over this last year and played at festivals such as Outbreak Fest 2018, Ieperfest, Foundations Fest and Shed Fest to thousands of audience members. They were planning to go on a US tour with Year Of The Knife this spring, but that was canceled  to accusations of racism and homophobia from the band’s lead singer.

This all started with confusion based around Servitudes removal from the 2019 Outbreak Fest last Sunday, April 7th. Fans went to Reddit to discover the reason and developed conspiracies about what was actually going on. Finally, one of the band-mates former friends released screenshots of insensitive comments made by the singer of Servitude on Facebook and Twitter’s private messaging.

In these screenshots, the singer made references to hate crimes against Muslims, using homophobic slurs and racist slurs. At the same time as this, he was labeling these offensive remarks as jokes.

As of right now, Servitude is still experiencing backlash. On Monday, April 8th, the band deleted all of their social media, leading many former fans to be suspicious. The band has not issued an apology for their hurtful remarks, and it is unknown if they will even take responsibility for what was recently said.