Oopa! Nashoba Takes on Greece!

Grace Bolinsky, Contributor

Many Nashoba students left on Friday, April 12th on a bus to JFK airport. The students took a flight at 10pm to Frankfurt, Germany and from there they went on to arrive in beautiful Greece. The trip was led by Mrs. Carter, and chaperoned by Ms. Foley, Mr. Cormier, Mr. Burks, and Mrs. Early. Their travels consisted of many different parts of Greece, including Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Samos, Patmos, and Athens.

Junior traveler, Lexi Richard said that her favorite place was Rhodes: “A big part of the island was inside of castle walls so the views were amazing.” According to Lexi, a lot of students and teachers shared her favorite place in Greece. English teacher, Ms. Foley said, “My favorite part was the island of Rhodes. It was magical. It took me back in time and it was just really cool.”

Some activities that kids experienced included, a Greek cooking class, a plate throwing show, and an olive grove in which kids and teachers were able to bring home olive oil. Sophomore, Jessie Klausner said, “My favorite part was Mykonos because it was raining really hard, but everyone was just dancing in it. It was just really beautiful.” 

The students recognized the beautiful architecture, weather, and islands of Greece. “I feel really fulfilled in looking back at my experiences in Greece,” Ms. Foley says. Lexi Richard adds, “We got to see everything we wanted to see. In addition, we also made really good friends and relationships with people we didn’t fully know before.”

Mrs. Carter, who has organized 7 international student trips, was asked about the difference between vacation and traveling. She responded by saying that “travel is not the same as a vacation; it’s so much more. Traveling is enjoyable, but it also offers the opportunity to gain empathy, to explore new cultures, to eat interesting food, to watch sunrises on the other side of the world, and to dance to music played with instruments totally foreign to you. Vacations entertain, but travel has the ability to change you. Travel leaves a lasting imprint  that can transform the way you see people, cultures and countries. If you get the chance to travel, do it. You won’t regret it.”

It is clear that the students and teachers on this year’s trip to Greece were changed for the better!