Nashoba Art Show

For the past 6 to 7 years Nashoba has held an annual art show for students enrolled in an art class. The show opened up for viewing this past week and was filled with work from artists with different styles, musical performances and homemade baked goods.

The three visual art teachers, Mrs. Mutti, Mrs. French and Ms. Kong helped to coordinate and putting on the event. Along with these art teachers, the two music teachers, Mrs. Glenister and Mr. McCarthy, plus the foods teacher, Mrs. O’Niel, also took part in the event. These teachers along with all of the students in art classes were able to successfully put on another wonderful show.

Mutti saids that, “as far as the visual arts, there was a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D handmade artwork displayed ranging from photography to painting to drawing, printmaking, clay sculpture and ceramics, and mixed media art. All of the artwork in the show was created based around each individual artist’s concepts. The concepts behind each piece is what really makes each piece art.”

Art styles ranged from realistic to expressionistic to abstract and everything in between. Teachers encouraged their students to express their own styles and visions through their work. Anna Zeh, a student who had work submitted in the show, saids that , “I love seeing people react to art and communicate what they take away from a piece, and how it differs from other viewpoints. For me, that’s what art is all about.”

Judah Nutting, a sophomore who was involved in the show, said, “I really enjoyed being able to see how many incredibly talented artists are in this school. It was really interesting how I could distinguish many artists individual styles while walking around the show.”

Teachers are very happy about how the show turned out this year. Artists really enjoy seeing the positive reactions to pieces that they worked hard on. The art show is an amazing way to show support for people in art programs at the school and for all of the different types of art programs to collaborate on a event together.