Sophomore English Classes To View The Art Of A Holocaust Survivor

Sophomore Honors English classes of Mrs. Bailey and Ms. Foley are going to the Pucker Art Gallery on Newbury Street on Thursday, April 11th and Friday, April 12th. The past few weeks, students in both classes have been exploring the art of Samuel Bak, a Holocaust survivor who uses his art as a way to tell his story. In addition to the gallery visit, students will be reading Elie Wiesel’s memoir, “Night.”

Madison Anthony, a sophomore in Mrs. Bailey’s English class, says of the exhibit: “It’s more of a visual experience rather than just reading about it. It is a very interesting way of learning [about the Holocaust].”

This is the third year in a row that the two English teachers have taken students on this field trip. Ms. Foley says that, “as long as Mr. Bak keeps painting, [she] will keep taking students to see his work.”

Bak’s paintings are filled with metaphors, symbols, and questions that force the viewer to think, not only about the Holocaust, but the fragility of life and memory. Ms. Foley adds that “[she has] been so impressed by [her] students willingness to do something that is not traditionally done in an English class. Their analysis of Bak’s pieces has been pretty awesome, too.”

Students are very excited to look deeper into Samuel Bak’s art and learn more about his amazing story as a Holocaust survivor.