The Reality Fair Returns to Nashoba!

Grace R. Bolinsky , Contributor

On April 5th, 2019, Nashoba sophomores went to the lower gym to experience the reality fair. This opportunity  showed sophomores how to control finances, taxes, and other responsibilities that come with being an adult. Each student chose a career in their wellness class and made that amount of money for the fair. Students learned how to control their money along with other life decisions.

Students started by heading over to the banking and credit union tables. They received a folder with a pay stub and ledger that they filled out.

Next the students had to make certain choices about how and where to spend their money. They were allowed to make changes to their finances, but they were asked to think about how those changes would affect them later in life. There was also a ‘wheel of fortune’ that students had to spin that served to represent the unexpected things that life throws at you.

The fair was a great opportunity for students to practice handing financials, taxes, and learning how to be an adult.  Guidance counselor, Dan Glover, says, “Over the years a vast majority of students have walked away from it saying that they have enjoyed it and it gave them a lot of exposure to real life types of expenses that they’re going to run into some time or another.” Sophomores had a fun-filled day of learning that will, hopefully, last a lifetime.