Business Without Borders

“You got your weed from… the delivery man?”

Cannabis enthusiasts will be glad to hear about a new age of cannabis consumption. Companies like Puff Delivery are on the cutting edge of a new way to purchase cannabis, from the couch. People can finally say goodbye to the hassle of waiting in long lines for their marijuana. Finally, trusted professionals will be selling, distributing, and, now delivering the product.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Patrick Martin & Michael Ng have a unique depth of experience from their Mr. Nice Guy chain. With 47 retail locations dotted across the Pacific region, the chain has been successful in the dispensary business. 

Taking their experience to the web, their new business venture, Puffy Delivery, will now deliver to many parts of California. In order to have marijuana sent to your door, one must become a member. All a customer needs is to obtain a valid state ID and to be above the age of 21. They take many forms of payment and ordering can take mere minutes.

The company is well trusted, as all products are lab tested – as opposed to cannabis sold through the black market. They sell a variety of both recreational and medical marijuana, including pre-rolled joints, concentrates, vape cartridges, dab oil, wax, CBD products, buds, and more. There is also a wide variety of different strains or species of marijuana.

According to Grand View Research, the Legal Cannabis market was estimated to be worth 7.06 billion USD in 2016. In a market that is rapidly expanding, it is estimated that the same market is set to be worth 146.4 billion USD. This represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (C.A.G.R.) of 34.6% in this sector. This indicates that the legal cannabis market is expanding at a rapid pace, and there is room for growth.

Despite being a highly competitive sphere in areas like California, the online market is otherwise untapped. With a beautiful user interface and an easy ordering system, they have a strong ability to tap into the young millennial market. However, the company must be wary of cutting off their older customers with such a modernized system. If they are able to draw older customers onto their modern setup, they have a strong chance of success in this booming market.

Since there are dozens of dispensaries in places such as California, the market has become very competitive. Marijuana companies must be innovative and creative in order to succeed, hence the new upcoming delivery concept. However, the marijuana business is not as competitive in states such as Massachusetts, since there are currently only three dispensaries. Due to the fact that the Massachusetts dispensaries are spread across the state, each store can charge more for marijuana, as compared to the dispensaries in California. As more and more dispensaries open, it is highly probable that New England may see a delivery service emerge as well.