“Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Wake Me Up When September Ends

I don’t know about you guys, but lately most of my classes have been extremely demanding. It’s not even October yet, and my grades are floating around in the C+ pool. Most of my teachers have been complaining about how their students aren’t meeting their expectations, but with the load I have from all of my classes, I barely have enough time to sleep. And I like sleeping, a lot.


I’m not taking all AP classes, either. Most of them are ACC, and I’m taking only one AP class. That is obviously my most demanding class, but seriously: ACC leveled courses shouldn’t demand as much as it currently does. Expecting a medium leveled course load for a medium leveled class shouldn’t be too ridiculous right? WRONG. Every night I have homework in almost every class. For my AP class I expect to have homework every night, considering the higher level but in all of my ACC classes? Give me a break. My CP class is combined, so I am basically taking an ACC class without getting the credit I actually deserve, thanks so much. Additionally in that class I have homework EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Seriously? Senior year was supposed to be easier than Junior year. Ugh.


It’s not just me either. I know for a fact that teachers are expecting too much from their students in the first month of school. Fall is one of the busiest seasons for high school kids: football games, sports, rehearsals, and clubs are just starting up. Then add all that homework on top. You’re not sleeping, and if you do, you have a pencil in one hand and your Calculus book in the other. But then get this, your teachers then have the nerve to say they are disappointed in your work, when you don’t even sleep? I wonder why.

Hey teachers, it’s only September. Take. A. Break.