“Neon Dance” is 2014’s Party of the Year


Hannah Feakes and Kristen Nash, Correspondent

School dance or party of the year? This year Student Council is putting a spin on the homecoming dance and it is going to be epic. October 3rd, 7 pm, in the lower gym, STUCO is hosting Nashoba’s first ever, Neon Dance. Black lights, henna tattoos and awesome music… something for everyone. No need to go shopping for a new dress because suggested attire consists of white and neon clothing. It is encouraged to deck yourselves out in paint to ensure you stand out in the crowd. Student Council wanted this dance to be different and most importantly, revolutionary. It is well known that past Nashoba dances have a disappointing reputation and a lack of attendance. The Neon Dance was created in order to turn that stereotype around and set the tone for dances down the road. As accurately stated by Junior Emily Doran, “The idea of dances has really died over the years.” According to the majority of Nashoba students, school dances are in a word, lame. Junior Meredith Nash admits, “I’d rather watch Netflix” and many would agree with her. STUCO is attempting to change students perspective of dances and plan on doing just that with the Neon Dance. Assuredly, this event will be more enticing than Netflix. So what would make this dance more enjoyable than prior events? “A big crowd, and music that has a vibe for everyone”, says Doran. The only way to increase dance attendance is to advertise weeks in advance. If you haven’t seen the “NEON Dance” posters in the halls, look a little harder because they are everywhere. As Nash states, “Nothing is going to change unless people are informed.” No need to fear, because Student Council has taken advertising into account. The dance has been promoted on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can be found on the Nashoba home page and the online Chieftain Press. As of right now, expectations of the dance are tremendously high and Student Council plans to deliver. This dance could be amazing and talked about for the rest of the year, or it could be a flop. It’s in your hands now Nashoba, lets make this night revolutionary.