Childhood Home of President Trump


President Trump’s home, where he lived until he was four, dropped on the market last week for $2.14 million, double the value from when Michael Davis, a real estate investor, bought it for $1.4 million three years ago. After the 2016 presidential election, the home increased significantly in value.

The home is a five bedroom yellow Tudor in Jamaica Estates, an upper middle class neighborhood of Queens, New York. Knowledge of the unoccupied Tudor came out when it was found on Airbnb. Journalists traveled to Queens to stay in the home, but all that was found was a broken water heater and what is said to be a ghostly presence.

The Post journalists even brought a psychic into the President’s childhood home. It was said that there was energies of an ongoing and unresolved German woman, most likely the grandmother of the president, Elizabeth Trump. This matriarch was known for her role in the family real estate business as she accompanied her husband to America.

As for the market, the house is sure to sell quickly as it now holds a little bit of history. With over a million dollar difference between the median house price of 1.1 million, this home stands out for many reasons. From presidential history, to a ghostly presence, the stories of the home provide a plethora of selling points.