Twins Reunite After Events Depicted in “Three identical strangers”


On the 29th of June of last year, the movie production company Channel 4 released a documentary about three identical twins, separated at birth, who discovered each other thanks to a series of events, which eventually lead to their reunion for life.

David Kellman, Eddy Galland and Robert Shafran are the stars of this documentary as well as the real life protagonists of this incredible story. The short film, Three Identical Strangers analyzes the lives of these multimedia sensations from their first encounters, to the major discovery of how they were secretly being used for psychological and attitudinal experiments on twins and triplets.

This public reunion inspired sensation throughout all the country, and many who always knew they had an identical twin somewhere, maybe nearby where they lived all their lives or faraway and seemingly unreachable, were prompted to find their other half (or third), and achieved the amazing opportunity to do so by conducting a series of investigations.

However, the most interesting part has  come thanks to the release of this documentary. The news that the people employed in Louise Wise Services agency (the company that made these adoptions possible), were conducting social experiments on their “subjects” became of common knowledge quickly; and when Michele Mordkoff, a 54 year-old woman from New Jersey, saw the documentary, she immediately recognized the agency’s name as her own. She had never given it much thought; but now, with all cards uncovered, she wondered if she, being adopted through the same company, might have had a twin too. And sure enough, after a thorough DNA test was taken, it was revealed that Michele did in fact, have a twin. Allison Kanter and Michele were reunited three months after Michele took the DNA test,  it felt like three years,” she says “I wanted to see her, and I wanted to hug her, and tell her that I hope she’s OK and that life was good for her.”.

This leads to the obvious suspicion wondering how many others might have been separated at birth and are not aware of it; how many others have a blood connection with someone across the country and will reunite with their long lost family?