All Dogs go to Heaven- But apparently not Drug Dealers

All Dogs go to Heaven- But apparently not Drug Dealers

Brittany Cormier, Editor

I’ve never had too much interest in doing drugs. I mean, when I was little I think I was all like “Yo, it’d be rad to smoke cigarettes!” but when you get older you learn how bad they actually are and the pipe dream is destroyed. I wrote something genius here, but the editor’s editors wouldn’t allow it. And so now I leave you with a quote by George Orwell. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


And so now you might realize why the whole sniffer dog thing that just happened wasn’t so beneficial for me. I mean, I had a blast, sitting on the ice cold floor and quoting John Mulaney with the dorks I call friends, but I missed a whole block of Psychology for that. And then on the upcoming half day, I missed it again. That’s really unfair to the teachers. Couldn’t it have waited until later in the day during like, A Period, which we had on the half day? I guess police dogs have a tight schedule but then we could’ve changed what periods were on the half day.


The point is I don’t do drugs. I’m also not stupid enough to bring my drugs to school to do my dealingIf I had any, that is. I think that represents the vast majority of children here. From what I’ve been hearing though, kids without a trace of horrible horrible drugs had their lockers searched, and people who definitely carry that kind of stuff around and leave it in their locker walked away fine.


I get that they’re trying to keep us “safe”  but at the same time, you can’t punish over a thousand people for what maybe one hundred people (who are known for this kind of stuff) are doing. Unless of course you can pull an “end justifies the means” and find every single whisp of substances in this school in one fell swoop. That’d be impressive.