Following Indoor Track



“I feel stronger than I have ever been, not just because of the workouts, but [because] I feel like I have people backing me,”

As fall sports ended and the new year came around, the indoor track team have been hard at work. The Chieftain Press sat down with Tati Picard, a senior at Nashoba, and a captain for indoor track, to talk about setting records and the team here at Nashoba.

Tati recently set a Nashoba record during their second meet at the Reggie Lewis center, for 32’ 11” in shot put. It was a  record previously held last year by Nashoba graduate, Anna Cressman. On setting the record Tati said, “she was the one that was teaching me about shot put and I told her when she left that I was going to beat her record, [laughs] so I did.”

Tati only joined the track team last year, but she has loved every minute of it, “I transferred here sophomore year, and I did outdoor track because my friend dragged me into it, I wasn’t going to do any sports whatsoever, and then last year, I had nothing to do…and I got dragged to indoor track [as well],”

When asked what her advice was for people thinking of doing indoor track next season, she said indoor track was a great option because you get to choose what you want to do and customize workouts depending on the area you’re focusing in.

Tati loves the indoor track program as Nashoba specifically because of the “team bonding activities. We are a very close knit group indoor track team. In general, we have such small numbers that we get to know everybody … and cheer each other on at the meets, we gather up and cheer each other on for relays,”

She continued, “I love that about it, team bonding has always been important to me, team chemistry, and doing indoor track I feel more empowered. I feel stronger than I have ever been, not just because of the workouts, but [because] I feel like I have people backing me.”

Reflecting on the season so far, Tati said, “My throwers are doing a great job, they are higher than I expected them to be… [and]  they have the numbers. I am very proud of them,”

However, meets can be hard because Nashoba has no indoor track, which means every meet is away. The team can be gone the whole day traveling to a meet. Tati acknowledged that, “traveling can be terrible, because sometimes we don’t get back until nine [for meets],”

The team had their most recent meet this Wednesday, January 9th, at  Shrewsbury against Groton- Dunstable. Tati was confident going into the meet with everyone doing great in practice, continuing on a great season for Nashoba’s indoor track team.