The Binge – Arrested Development

Laughing is something that is hard to do these days. I mean a good, hearty laugh- something that’s good for the soul. “Arrested Development”, streaming on Netflix, is a show that helps put your mind in a good mood.

“Arrested Development” follows the dysfunctional Bluth family, who owns their own real estate company. Siblings George Jr, Lindsey, Gob and Buster are fighting for the family’s money. Their parents, George Sr and Lucille, have thrown money at them all of their lives, and when George Bluth Sr gets arrested for defrauding investors by using the company for family funds, the Bluths find themselves in a sticky situation. The twist-and-turn story line follows George Sr. running from the law, the family trying to work as a unit to raise two children, and everyone adjusting to the new cash flow.

“Arrested Development” is a slapstick comedy that reminds you that your family isn’t that weird. This satirical show is a quick watch, and with both entertaining and engaging qualities, and is perfect to binge. Just remember: there is always money in the banana stand.