Teacher Feature: Mr. Sakellarion

Most of us know the famous history teacher, Mr. Sakellarion. But, do we know a lot ABOUT him? An interview with him got deep into his personal life and found out facts some of us had no idea about.  

Mr. Sakellarion, also known as Mr. Sak, has many hobbies. He likes to garden especially in his crocs. He grows pretty much everything: plants, vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. He also likes hiking, camping , and other outdoor activities.

He also enjoys taking care of his dogs. He has lots of animals. Four chickens, one cat and four dogs. He has three chihuahuas: Spike he’s had for 11 years, Bindy for 3 and Ozzie for 2. Mr. Sak has one pitbull named Sapphire, who he’s had for 7 years. He loves playing with them and taking care of all his “kids.”

When asked to think about one thing that most people wouldn’t know about him, Mr. Sak stated “…I’m a more quiet person than I seem to be in this building. I seem more extroverted here, [but] I’m actually more introverted.” Mr. Sak, introverted? This may come as a surprise to his students who are used to hearing his booming voice at the end of lessons!

Mr. Sak has worked at Nashoba twenty-one years and counting. The man, the myth, the legend also attended Nashoba all four years and graduated here in 1988. He has always seen himself as a teacher and once told his friend that he wanted to come back to Nashoba after they graduated and teach here. His favorite part about teaching is “watching somebody get something for the first time, or do something they didn’t know they were capable of and realize they were [capable].” He likes seeing the spark go through a student’s eyes as they realize they can do great things, as that is what makes teaching worth it.