A Diamond in the Ruff- German Shepherds

The German Shepherd has always been a very popular American dog breed, and for good reason. This four-legged friend has always been known to be protective and fierce, yet still kind. German Shepherds are the second most adopted dog breed in the US because of their intelligence, strength, and obedience, to name a few traits.

German Shepherds have straight pointy ears, with commonly tan fur with a black saddle, a fluffy hook shaped tail. They can weigh around 66-88 lbs for a male and 49-71 lbs for a female. German Shepherds also have a thick double coat of fur that sheds all year round but they require very little care, have a low tendency to bark, and an eagerness to learn.

They are also known for their role in police work, being used for tracking criminals, patrolling troubled areas, detection and holding of suspects, protection, patrol, apprehension, and search and rescue.

One dog, Elvis, is in need of a forever home. He is an active 5 year old boy who has lots of love to share. Elvis is a black and tan German Shepherd who has had lots of training and now listens to commands made by his owners. Elvis is really shy and and doesn’t get along with cats, but with a proper introduction, he can be one of the most loving dogs to people and some dogs. To get a closer look at Elvis, check out this link and use the password: Elvis. Help this furry friend live a happy life in a forever home.