How to Manage Homework

We can all agree that the load of homework we teens have to complete every night is one of the most dreadful parts of high school. Some nights, homework isn’t started until 10 pm and other nights, homework is left uncompleted. Managing that, along with extracurricular activities and responsibilities at home, is one of the most exhausting things ever. However, the smallest changes can make a big impact on your schedule. Here are just a few tips that will help you complete your homework effectively and efficiently.

First and foremost, you need to have a plan. Bring an agenda or planner with you to school so you can write down your assignments for each class. They are your best friend in high school. By keeping track of all your tasks in one place, you’ll be more organized and less likely to forget about an assignment.

Something we don’t often think about is where we do our homework is that surprisingly the location can have a big impact. Try to avoid completing homework on your bed. Researchers have found that working on your bed will make it harder for you to sleep. When you’re trying to fall asleep your mind will be confused as to whether it is time to do some studying or rest. A table or any flat surface are the most appropriate places. Make sure that your work area is quiet and free from distractions. Keep all electronic devices out of sight so you’re not tempted to go on it.

Start your homework right away. Whether that be during a free period or when you come home from school, it is important to use your time wisely. The sooner you start your homework, the more time you’ll have to do the things you enjoy.

When it comes to completing homework efficiently, you need to prioritize your assignments. According to an article by TeensHealth, it is recommended that you start with the most difficult or time-consuming tasks because you have more brain power and energy in the beginning. A lot of times, homework takes much longer to complete than really necessary.

One great way of shortening those dreadful hours is by setting a timer for each assignment. Think about how much time you will need to complete the homework assignment thoroughly by not overdoing it. By doing so, you’ll be completing your work in an efficient manner.

With the amount of homework we have these days it is hard to stay focused for hours at a time so if you start getting distracted, take a 10 or 15-minute break. TeensHealth explained that most people have short attention spans so when your sitting still for too long without relaxing, you’ll be less productive.

We all have our routines when it comes to completing our homework, but stop and think about whether you’re being productive. If you’re having trouble managing your homework load, follow these tips, and you’ll be more efficient than ever!