Tiny Homes for Veterans in Need

One man in Kansas City, Missouri is stepping up to help homeless veterans in need by starting an organization that provides them with tiny houses.

Chris Stout, a former US Army Corporal, started the organization because he enjoyed being around fellow veterans and was frustrated with how unproductive some of the efforts were to connect them with services they needed. He sometimes used his money to put homeless veterans in hotel rooms, but after a while he quit his job and started the organization, the Veterans Community Project.

The organization allows any homeless veteran to stay in the tiny homes they built so they can live safely and with privacy – which are not often found in most traditional shelters. The group also has an outreach center that assists residents or any local veteran with a variety of different issues. The organization also gives the veterans many things when they start living in the homes, including things like free bus passes and legal services.

The tiny houses include everything needed to live comfortably, from furniture and kitchen supplies, to food and gift baskets.

In January 2018, the first 13 houses were opened, and this November, 13 more will be available to those in need.

“We are the place that says ‘yes’ first and figures everything else out later. We serve anybody who’s ever raised their hand to defend our Constitution,” said Stout in an interview with CNN’s Kathleen Toner. “It’s very much like the barracks lifestyle, they’re taking care of each other.”

According to the interview, veterans are anticipated to stay in the home for around six months, but are allowed to extend their stay as long as they are working towards their goals.

By dedicating his life to helping veterans, Stout really found a great way to give back to those who served this country by allowing them to get back on their feet.