Hayden’s Picks- College Football Top 5

Hayden McLaughlin, Contributor

The college football playoffs contains 4 teams voted on by a 13 member committee. The committee met this week of to determine their first ranking for the playoffs. In the playoff spirit, I created my own top 5 teams in the nation. The top 4 seeds here will go to play in the playoffs and the 5th seed is just barely not going to make it in.


  1.  University of Alabama: The reigning national champions have not fallen off yet and are not showing signs of doing so any time soon. Their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, is one of the best players in all of college football. Tua has not thrown a single interception this season and Alabama has not lost once.
  2. Clemson University: True freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence has shown out this season. In 8 games, Lawrence has an 6:1 TD to INT ratio. Clemson also boasts three of the best defensive linemen in the country on their team.
  3. University of Notre Dame:  The 9-0 start for Notre Dame has made them look like a strong playoff contender. It is hard to argue that the toughest stretch of their season is yet to start. They beat Northwestern this past weekend and currently ranked #13 Syracuse although, if they keep playing as they have been, these games will be no trouble for them. 
  4. University of Michigan: Ole Miss Transfer QB Shea Patterson has become the face of Michigan. Michigan has gotten off to a hot start winning their last 8 straight. Senior, Defensive Lineman Chase Winovich, has made Michigan’s defense a true force to be reckoned with. Their defense has not given up more than 24 points to any team this season.
  5. Louisiana Southern University: The 2-loss tigers had a tough match-up last week as they face first-ranked Alabama. LSU’s loss pushed them out of the top 4. Their defense has two stars in defensive back Greedy Williams and linebacker Devin White. These two have united to slow down the toughest of offenses.