The Nashoba Writing Initiative Gets Underway


Sophia Lauer, Contributor

For the first time in Nashoba’s history, a school group is offering to publish student fiction in a bona fide book. That organization? The Nashoba Writing Initiative.

I founded the NWI to give young authors a voice, since most writing competitions are either too expensive for high school students or prohibited for those under 18. The NWI is an alternative place for Nashoba’s students to get their work out there, be it a poem written for fun or a short story or vignette that was assigned in a class.

The Initiative is completely free to participate in, and we’ll send you free feedback on your work. We’ll publish anything–anything–as long as it’s school appropriate (that doesn’t necessarily mean no swearing) and under 5,000 words, and we’ll publish an ‘About the Author’ if you want one, too.

The book, whose title has yet to be determined, will be an anthology of these student submissions, featuring student artwork on the cover.

Anyone at Nashoba can participate as long as the work is original. It’s a great way to have a unique voice in the Nashoba community, and looks great on college applications. Not to mention, proceeds from the book will go directly back to the school district.

The book will be available for purchase all over the US and Europe on, so students, faculty, friends, and family can all get a copy.

For more information, ask me (Sophia Lauer) or check out and share your submissions via Google Docs with [email protected] to get feedback and get ready for publication. Happy writing!