Teacher Feature: Mrs. d’Entremont

Psychology is the study of the human brain, both inside and out. But what would it be like to get inside a psychology teacher’s brain? 

Mrs. d’Entremont has been working at Nashoba High School for 11 years. She loves her job and when asked what the best part about teaching is, she states, “The kids. The best part of everyday is my students. Hands down, best part of the day.” She’s a lovable person and students speak highly of her. Erin Mehigan, a current Nashoba senior, says, “Mrs. d’Entremont as a teacher cares about her students so much. She wants to see kids succeed, and she personally cares about their grades and their personal wellbeing.”

Mrs. d’Entremont has some cool hobbies. She loves reading (she belongs to a book club), walking her dog, and making quilts. She even makes her own designs. She has an 11-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Maggie. The d’Entremont family adopted her when she was 9 ½ years old. Maggie is a happy dog, and the light of their lives.

Mrs. d’Entremont has two sons. One works and lives at home and the other is in the U.S Navy serving our country. She also enjoys her time by listening to all kinds of music. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to sit by the lake in Maine and watch the sunset.

When Mrs. d’Entremont was asked if she ever saw herself teaching, she replied, “No, I really wanted to be the first female supreme court justice. Sandra Day O’Connor beat me to that. Through college and after college I worked in sales, and I did think about being a teacher, but it wasn’t til I was at home with my kids, I started to volunteer, and it made me think ‘you know what I don’t want to go to law school, I think I want to be a teacher.’” And she wouldn’t trade it for the world.