The Mail Bomber Brought to Trial


Elena Naze, Chief Editor

The mail bomber who sent packages to figures like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been arrested.

Cesar Sayoc, a 56 year old Florida resident and avid Trump supporter, was arrested outside an auto supply store in Florida and brought to court on Monday. He is facing 5 federal charges and up to 48 years in prison.

Sayoc was arrested on the suspected mailing of 14 packages containing bombs to high profile critics of the Trump administration. Law enforcement officials say there could be a list of 100.

Due to Sayoc’s fierce loyalty to President Trump, many have been pointing to Trump and saying that he is partially to blame because of his constant attack of the media and other parties.

Trump, however, told reporters that he is not to blame and, “there’s no blame, there’s no anything.”

So who is Cesar Sayco?

A lawyer who once represented him said, “I think this is a post-Trump sort of enticing somebody who maybe had some deep-seated issues, and this recent political climate seems to be bringing it to the surface with some people.”  

Sayco lives out of a white van, which contained a number of pro-Trump stickers. Some of the stickers had images of Trump critics with targets on their faces, and a large “CNN Sucks” sticker.

His Twitter was not much different. Often tweeting about conspiracies and ranting about Trump critics, many of whom he sent bombs to in the mail.

A past employer of Sayoc, Debra Gureghian, said “he was crazed, that’s the best word for him.”

Sayoc’s case is expected to be moved to New York where he will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office. However, he is expected back before the Federal court in Miami on Friday to continue with the trial.