Black Bears Grace the town of Bolton and Lancaster!

Coming through on what seems to be a late afternoon hike, black bears have made their way through two out of our three Nashoba towns! Spotted in Lancaster at the homes of Seniors Elena Naze and Nick Markham, one of the bears was tagged- indicating that it has been seen before. Nick Markham’s trash was actually picked apart by the wild animal!

Going small-town-viral on the town Facebook groups the bears have made quite a splash. In Bolton, one of the bears was seen at the library around 5:15. The irony of the situation has amused the residents and has become a focus of the tri-town happenings.

Among great bustle has come great fear. This is where the Chieftain Press comes in with some helpful hints to aid in the event of potential contact with the bears!

Helpful Hint #1: Do not run away! – Running away can startle the bear and indicate that you are potential prey.

Helpful Hint #2: Remain calm and show the bear that you are calm by speaking in a soothing tone.

Helpful Hint #3: Keep eye contact with the bear as you slowly walk away.

While the bears are occupying our area make sure to keep your dogs/pets on a leash to keep them save! Stay safe Nashoba and keep up with the Bolton and Lancaster town Facebook groups for the most prompt updates!