All About Tri-M’s Coffee House

The Nashoba Coffee House will take place on Saturday, November 10th from 10:30-1:30 PM at The Bolton Bean.

This event is sponsored by Tri-M Music Honor Society, a group which is in its second year of existence at Nashoba. Students in this club represent excellent leadership, technical music skill, and outstanding character in Nashoba’s music program. These students serve the community with at least twenty hours of service each year through music. The Bolton Bean is run by Nashoba Alumni who were delighted to work with Tri-M to make the event possible.

What Nashoba Tri-M is trying to accomplish with the coffee house is their two chief aims as an organization. To spread awareness and enjoyment of music and serve the community through music. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Give-a-Note Foundation, an organization that supports underfunded music programs across the country through grants and scholarships. They have a goal of $1000 for the charity, but hope to exceed their goal.

Students involved in Nashoba Tri-M include President Caitlin Murch (correspondent with Bolton Bean), Vice President Laura Goyette (coordinator of planning committee), Treasurer Max Mitchell (coordinator of publicity and finances), Secretary McKenna Dietel, Social Media Chair/Historian Brianna Ankstitus, Kalia Casco, Bella DeMartino, Nicholas Markham, Elena Naze, Zachary Nicholson, Noah Ramirez, Ibby Sonia, Vivien Stringfellow, Spencer Weijer, and Finn Hogan.

In the first round of auditions, there were 14 different acts. These groups all got in and will be performing their musical acts at the coffeehouse. There will be several groups performing one or two songs, and even one card trick magician.

Auditions will be opening back up again during the 4th week of October – there will be sign-ups for the second round of auditions during the week of Oct. 15-19 with auditions the following week.

The final list of performers and performance times will be published after the second round of auditions at the end of October.

The Bolton Bean has been wonderful to work with. They are so excited about this idea and I think we will definitely see more events like this in the future.” Quote from Rachel Glenister, Choir Director, Tri-M advisor.