Boys’ Soccer Recap

Nashoba Varsity Boys’ Soccer kicks off the season with a 2-7 record. One of the Chieftains victories came on September 17th against the Maynard Tigers in a non-conference game at home. Ethan Jayne, had the first goal of the game putting the Chieftains up 1-0 before half time. The freshman had a volley assist from senior Cooper Caviness.

Caviness himself had a one-on-one with the keeper and he finished it with utmost precision. The goal gave the Chieftains a 2-0 win.

The Chieftains played on Monday, October 18th, in Bromfield. The Chieftains walked away with a 3-1 victory. Goals were scored by senior Nate Buchholz and juniors, Jonathan Harnett and Nick Streeter.

At this point in the season, the boys’ league record sits at 1-4 and their non-conference record at 1-3.  The Chieftains play next against Shepherd Hill Regional on October, 11th. Aiden Kerr and Calvin Cochrane, who haven’t played all season due to injury, will be able to play against Shepherd Hill. Sadly, Peter Maitland is still out, and probably will be for the season.

It will be a tough fight against Shepherd Hill, but the boys are hoping for another victory.