New allegations against Kavanaugh


Elena Naze, Chief Editor

Just a day away from Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote, a third allegation comes out against him.

Julie Swetnick has accused Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge of drugging and gang raping her at a party in the early 1980s.

She witnessed Kavanaugh and Judge “drink excessively and engage in highly inappropriate conduct, including being overly aggressive with girls and not taking ‘No’ for an answer. This conduct included the fondling and grabbing girls without their consent.”

Swetnick said that at parties Kavanaugh, Judge, and other boys would attempt to spike the punch to “cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say no.” She also said that they would line up outside bedrooms to assault the drunk girls. However, she would not say the names of any of the assaulted women or witnesses.

Kavanaugh, however, claims that he doesn’t know who Swetnick is and that it never happened, saying, “this is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.” He continues to say that he “has not sexually assaulted anyone.”

President Trump has also gotten involved, calling Swetnick’s lawyer a “ a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

Ford, Kavanaugh’s first accuser, will testify on Thursday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ramirez, his second accuser, has also said that she is willing to testify. And while Swetnick might not testify, she is the first of the 3 accusers to sign a declaration and send it to the Judiciary committee.  

Kavanaugh will also testify on Thursday, and the confirmation vote is still projected to happen.