Europe in chaos, Italian prime minister Matteo Salvini Closes Ports to All Migrants Rescued from Seas


Valentina Maio, Contributor

In June, Italy’s prime minister, Matteo Salvini, proved his belief that immigrants should not enter Italian territory by closing all ports to the rescue boat “Aquarius”, with 630 people aboard, planned by the association MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres), that organizes rescue missions in the Mediterranean.

In response to this shameful act, MSF tweeted: “There has been a cold-blooded decision to leave men, women and children to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. This is outrageous and unacceptable”.

After the Aquarius boat was left stranded by Salvini in the Mediterranean, Spain’s prime minister stepped up and announced the migrants would be welcome in Valencia.

But questions still remain as to why the rates of migrants are higher on the infamous peninsula?

Italy wasn’t the main destination for people arriving from the east until Turkey and Greece closed the main route, which crossed their countries. This means that the migrants that are seeking support from a wealthier country are not just leaving everything behind, but are also risking their lives because of the unsafe and unhealthy boats that transport them.

Unfortunately, a short term solution does not seem to be available at the moment. The Italian government hypothesized to close all ports to foreign rescue boats to reduce the flow of immigrants, but many doubt this method has a legal base.

Others believe that the only way Italy can help itself with this issue, is by helping immigrants go back to their country. On the other hand though, it looks like the international crises that caused immigration in the first place, like the civil war in Syria, Libya’s instability, and many other religious and political wars going on in the east of Europe, are still far from being solved.

So what can be done to help? International corporations funded by privates could be created to provide financial help to the refugees, to improve their life conditions; or instruction could be granted for minors. And in the sad possibility that this is not going to be possible, a safe trip or place to stay and to escape from their difficult situation.