Faces in The Crowd: Margot Sonia


Elena Naze, Chief Editor

Margot Sonia, a current Freshman at Nashoba, spent 9/11 in Boston making care packages for US Troops.

Margot has been participating in Project 351, a statewide community service group, since she was selected 8th grade. Her first project was a Cradles to Crayons clothing drive that she organised at her middle school, Luther Burbank.

Project 351 requires each member to do 3 service projects in one year. The 9/11 Service is Margot’s second project, which she started a month ago with a drive at the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster for supplies that would go to the military.

The second part was going to Boston on 9/11 where she, and other members of Project 351, went to collect items and make boxes to send to US troops overseas. In addition to care packages for troops, they also made packages to be sent to a homeless shelter for veterans in Boston.  

Margot explained how different the service was from the others she’s done, “It’s definitely really emotional when you’re there. It’s probably the most emotional service I’ve done. Just cause a lot of people come because they have lost someone that day, so people are really emotional. But it also brings out so much kindness in everyone. What I thought was really cool was that, obviously I wasn’t alive for 9/11, so I didn’t feel the pain people felt that day, but I got to feel the love that came after.”

Margot’s next project will be a food drive for a local food bank. After that, she is done with Project 351 and can apply to be an Alumni. “I’m going to do it as long as I can,” she explained.  “Next year I’ll be able to be an alumni of Project 351 so I’ll be able to help the ambassadors and so I’d really love to do it again.”