Be More Chill Announces its Broadway Debut

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Finn Hogan, Chief Editor

Be More Chill has taken the Broadway community by storm throughout the past year; going from a show in New Jersey in 2015,to earning a spot on Broadway this upcoming year.


Adapted for the stage by Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz, Be More Chill had its original run at the Two River Theater in New Jersey in 2015. Iconis told New York Times that while fan response was fantastic, the show’s time seemed to end with a bad New York Times review:

“It just kind of fizzled there — the audiences were loving it so much, but we didn’t get the review that a show like that needs to have a life, and we didn’t have a commercial producer or a famous person attached, so I felt like that was the end, and it was a huge bummer.”

When the show closed at the Two River theatre, the cast got together to professionally record a cast album. Over the following years, support for the show and the original cast skyrocketed as  fan-presence built up on social media.

The show follows Jeremy Heere (played by Will Roland), an anxious teenager suffering through his junior year of high school. He and his best friend, Michael Mell (played by George Salazar), go through their lives in their own co-dependent bubble, and are seen as outcasts and losers as a result. While Michael is perfectly content in his little niche, Jeremy wants more from life than playing video games and smoking in Michael’s basement. Jeremy soon learns about SQUIPs  (super quantum unit intel processors) a newly developed and highly experimental form of super computer that is implanted in a host through a pill. The SQUIP is designed to direct its host and help improve their life in any way possible. Jeremy decides that the only way he can move up the social ladder of his high school is with the help of a SQUIP.

Part of what makes the upcoming Be More Chill Broadway debut so special for fans is the number of original cast members who have come back to revisit the roles they pioneered back in 2015. George Salazar, Gerard Canonico, Lauren Marcus, Katlyn Carlson, and Stephanie Hsu have been performing with the cast for the past summer as their original roles, and are all excited to be able to share this incredible show with the Broadway community.

The show will be moved to the Lyceum Theater in 2019. The first performance is scheduled for February 13th.

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