Elizabeth Warren’s Town Hall Meeting

Abby Blackmore, Contributing Editor

On Thursday, August 9th, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren held a town hall meeting at Fitchburg State University.  The town hall meeting is apart of Sen. Warrens reelection campaign for this fall.

Senator Warren started the event by telling a story about her childhood.  She talked about when her father was forced to leave his job due to health problems, her mother stepped up and worked for minimum wage.  This discussion lead to Sen. Warren talking about how when she was a child, minimum wage meant that a family would have enough to live in a house and have food for all. “There was a time when government looked at the minimum wage and said, ‘What does it take for a family to survive?’ ”.  She contrasted it to today, where minimum wage would not be able to keep a person above the poverty line.

After, the public was able to ask questions directly to the senator.  Many different topics were addressed during the town hall, all from student debt to how the youth today can help make their voices be heard even though they are under the voting age. She urged students to volunteer and also talk to others who have opposing views, along with finding a topic that they are passionate about and discuss it with others.

With Senator Warren’s reelection approaching, she will face one of the three Republicans running for office, John Kingston, Representative Geoff Diehl, and Beth Lindstrom. The primary will be on September 4th and the general election will be on November 6th. Go to any of the challenger’s websites for information about their platform and questions about volunteering.