Weekend Trip: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

If you’re looking for a fun day trip over the weekend or for the summer, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is definitely worth a visit. The Museum is only an hour drive from Nashoba and it’s packed full of fun things to do. See artist demonstrations, talks in the galleries, guided tours, artist toolbox cart, and drawing sessions in the gallery.

Guided tours are offered every day free with admission. Take a tour of the Museum Highlights or something more specific, like Art of the Ancient World, Art of Europe, or Art of the Americas. Unfortunately, there is only one guided tour offered after three on weekdays: Highlights of the Museum on Wednesdays at 6:15.

If an hour long tour isn’t your thing, there are regular 15 minute Spotlight talks where you can explore a specific piece in depth. Join gallery guide Pat Bianco this Saturday for a Spotlight Talk on Henri Regnault’s Automedon with the Horses of Achilles at 1pm, 2pm, or 3pm.

Nashoba’s Art classes recently took a field trip to the Museum. Harrison Joron, a freshman in Art Studio 1, went on the trip. He “enjoyed the wide variety of different artists” as well as “the different styles expressed throughout their work. [He] was surprised by the amount of history shared there; from American History to European History.”

The museum is open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday and 10am to 10pm Wednesdays through Friday. Admission is free for students ages 7 to 17 on weekdays after 3pm as well as weekends and holidays. Otherwise, admission for students is $10. Active teachers in K-12 schools also get free admission. Admission for students ages 18 and up is $23 and adults is $25.