Maxy Max and the Funky Bunch

Recently, a group of Nashoba students organized an entirely student-run jazz ensemble. The group was comprised of six members of Nashoba’s Advanced Jazz Band; the group has performed at three Nashoba band concerts and Nashoba’s Fine Arts Showcase, under the moniker “Maxy Max and the Funky Bunch”. The group was formed by the students so they could have an avenue to pursue their own independent musical interests, while still being affiliated with the school. Bass player Peter Fleury said “I feel that the group allows us to play some different songs and styles of jazz we may not get the chance to touch upon in the [school’s Advanced Jazz Band]. I also like how the small group works together, I feel we are able to collaborate well and. . .this group gives us a chance to focus more on interpretation and be experimental with music.”

“Maxy Max and the Funky Bunch”, also known as the Nashoba Jazz Combo, are quickly building their repertoire, loaded with a variety of jazz music. They include jazz standards like ‘Blue Bossa’ by Kenny Dorham and ‘Monk’s Dream’ by Thelonious Monk, as well as contemporary works like ‘Monsters, Inc. Theme’ by Randy Newman and ‘The Chicken’ by Jaco Pastorius. Alto saxophone player Max Mitchell, alluded to original music joining classic tunes, saying “we’re also working on some of our songs right now, just tossing ideas around, trying to see what works with the group”.

A question arises when considering the time that it must take to learn new music and develop their own original sound; when do such busy student-musicians find time to practice? “We practice after advanced jazz band practices till around 5:00pm,” says tenor saxophone player Chris Super. “If we need extra practice, we’ll sometimes meet up over the weekend at someone’s house for a couple hours.”

Keep your eyes peeled at Nashoba band concerts and local venues; you might just catch a showing of what jazz musicians, “Maxy Max and The Funky Bunch” have to offer.