Ankle Revenge

Jack Richard , Contributor

Stephen Curry drives the baseline with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan guarding him in the 2015 regular season game: Clippers vs. Warriors. As Jordan backed off, it was just Paul trailing Curry who continued to dribble to the left short corner. Curry turned and performed a double behind-the-back move sending the elite defender to the floor and draining the jump-shot.

The media exploded with tweets and memes about Chris Paul getting crossed after this humiliating event, including Paul’s friend, Kevin Hart, chipping in. The comedian and actor sent Paul eight memes of him getting crossed over, including a particularly funny one of a snapshot of Paul’s position after the play, which was Photo-shopped onto a Twister game board. Chris Paul reacted by posting the Twister meme onto his Instagram, showing that he accepted what happened.

Flash forward to the Western Conference Finals of the 2017-2018 season. Chris Paul, now a member of the Houston Rockets, is matched up against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

The game approached the middle of the third quarter with the Warriors leading 71-66. Chris Paul got the ball on the right wing and drove with his right hand. He then stopped on a dime and pulled the ball back between his legs, sending Curry to the floor. Although he missed the shot, he got his own rebound and layed the ball in while Curry was still getting up.

Once again, the media went into a frenzy with exclamations of Chris Paul’s revenge on Curry. Although the Rockets lost, they look to challenge the defending champion Golden State Warriors as the fans expect no less than incredible plays as the series progresses.