Senior National Commitment Day


Victoria Tuttle, Sports Editor

Yesterday was a big day in the lives of high school seniors. Many students are going off to pursue careers in different trades, while many other students are getting ready to go off to college. Yesterday, May 1st, marked the yearly event of National College Commitment Day. As in many past years, Nashoba seniors  are once again heading off to a long list of diverse colleges and universities.

The Class of 2018 has many students staying in our home state of Massachusetts, with over ten kids going to UMass Amherst and about four going to UMass Dartmouth. A few students are heading off to UMass Lowell and Bridgewater State as our state schools are always a great place for seniors to go. From Mass we travel out of the state up to New Hampshire where a good amount of Nashoba students will be studying at colleges like St. Anselm.

Many seniors are packing up and moving away from good old New England and heading either down south to Clemson, UCF, Costal Carolina, Tulane, Alabama and LSU or to other locations across the country. If they are not going down south, seniors are moving out west to Pennsylvania, or to attend Michigan State, University of Maryland, University of Colorado, The University of Santa Barbra, American University, University of South Carolina, UC Boulder and many more.

As the seniors finish up their last few weeks of high school, we want to recognize all of their hard work and achievements over the past four years; it sure has paid off. For those going on to college, into the military, or to begin a trade or a career, we’d like congratulate the Class of 2018 for their achievements.