Harvard Crimson Spring Innovation Conference


On Saturday, March 31st, three Nashoba journalism students attended a conference at The Harvard Crimson, the official newspaper for Harvard University. Over 100 students from all over the world attended to see how the newspaper is run and the techniques they use.

The first thing the journalists saw when they walked in was a tour guide, excited to share their space and expertise. After the tour of the newsroom and the printing press, students were escorted to a room for opening statements.

Following the opening, seminars were given, and journalists selected which one they would attend. Seminars included interviewing, investigative reporting, sports, online resources, graphics, opinionated journalism, and much more. The interviewing seminar showed students how to ask the right questions in the limited time they may have. A favorite of the Nashoba journalists was the investigative reporting seminar. A presentation was given, which was educational yet exciting. Although investigative reporting can be difficult, it pays off, and can lead to a great story.

The keynote speaker, Matthew Karolian, is currently a fellow at the Nieman Foundation. He introduced ideas about how the media is changing journalism, and how to update individual newspapers to keep up with the changing technology. He also explained how social media is so important, and how most people get their news from these platforms. After the presentation and lunch, another seminar took place.

Toward the end of the day, the leaders of The Crimson shared their personal experiences with applying to colleges. They gave some great advise about ivy league schools, extra curricular activities, and how they keep up with classes and the paper. This advise was very helpful to the group of juniors in the room, which made up the majority.

The journalists had a very exciting, educational day filled with learning and fun. Thank you to The Harvard Crimson for including the Chieftain Press in their activities!