Sophomores, it’s Doomsday


ATTENTION SOPHOMORES! MCAS exams are here! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week you will be taking the English MCAS exams. This year, you will be taking the long composition portion (also known as long comp), as well as the regular two day tests.

Although MCAS seem stressful, here’s a few tips…

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
  2. Wear comfortable clothing
  3. Eat a good breakfast
  4. Bring water
  5. Bring plenty of pencils and erasers
  6. Use the process of elimination
  7. Don’t panic! MCAS is made for you to pass!

When it comes to long comp, you can write about any book you want! Don’t limit yourself to school books or media your teachers always talk about. According to Ms. Foley, “When in doubt, use Harry Potter!” Another thing you should make sure you do is create a thesis. Don’t just start writing about whatever you think answers the prompt. PLAN AHEAD! Since long comp testing will be first this year, taking place on Tuesday, use what you wrote about in long comp for the other testing.

But don’t stress too much! This is the last time you will EVER have to take MCAS! Think positively and you will do great.

Don’t stress, and good luck!