Spotlight: Allie Stuckey


Allie Stuckey, a conservative millennial, is making her mark and her voice heard through her new podcast series. Stuckey’s conservative stance is less common in today’s society, especially in Massachusetts. Stuckey presents an uncommon angle that intrigues people from all political affiliations. Not only did she hope to educate millennials on modern day politics, but she wanted to show the world her perspective in the hopes that it might inspire other millennials whether they identify with her views or not. Stuckey began her journey with Facebook live videos, and her audience grew from there. Stuckey’s goal is to embolden young voters, inspire people to form their own authentic opinions, and to signal the dangers of following the opinions of others, including the media, rather than listening to one’s own individualism.

Self titled as “The Conservative Millennial”, Texas native Allie Stuckey reaches out to the millennial generation using modern technology and tools to better reach the generation of tomorrow. Stuckey started off by going to college sororities and encouraging young people to vote. It was through this experience that she realized how uneducated many of her fellow millennials are, which made her realize her purpose.

Since the majority of her audience is millennial, Stuckey started a new podcast in addition to continuing her speeches at colleges. Relatable, Stuckey’s new podcast on ITunes, tackles current events, political scandals, and controversial topics. With a Christian and Millennial spin, her perspective is intriguing from all sides of the political spectrum.

Having previously been a guest on Fox and Fox and Friends, Stuckey is already well known among the non-millennial political world. A new CRTV show, The Conservative Millennial, will be covering a variety of topics spanning from ethics in politics to what it means to be a Christian voter, all things that Stuckey has spoken about in her speeches and podcasts.

Allie Stuckey’s success and self marketing is certainly notable in this day and age. As an up-and-coming person in the communications field, she provides a good example of a bright person using all the resources she can. When dealing with news and politics, its to look at all sides and perspectives that the media has to offer. Allie Stuckey is certainly one source to look into!