Maryland School Shooting


This past Tuesday, March 20th, yet another school shooting occurred at Great Mills High School located in Maryland. Thankfully, no students or teachers were killed. The only fatality was the shooter himself, Austin Wyatt Rollins.

Rollins, a 17 year old student, shot two of his fellow students. One of the students, Jaelynn Willey, is a female who is believed to have been in a past relationship with Rollins. Fortunately, Willey survived, though she was left in a state of critical condition. The other student was a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the thigh. Fortunately, this student is in a stable condition. When interviewed, neighbors of Rollins were alarmed to find that he committed this violent crime.

“Whenever snow was out, he would help shovel,” said Tori Foreman. “I’m just totally floored that it was him.”

When school resource officer Deputy Blaine Gaskill took control of the situation, the gunman was stopped and shot dead. Gaskill prevented Rollins from taking any further action, and he protected the rest of the school. Even though two students were injured, thanks to Officer Gaskill, there were no deaths of innocent people.

In the midst of the school walkouts and 2nd Amendment protests, this recent school shooting provides an example of an armed official helping instead of hurting. It probes the question of whether or not having guns in schools could help or hurt in the event of a school shooter coming through school doors. As the topic of gun control continues to be a prominent subject across the country, it will be interesting to see how this event influences the tone of the nation towards the second amendment.