Nashoba’s Reid Young: Makes the News

Reid Young, a Senior at Nashoba, recently created a video as a way to cope with the boredom of the recent snow days. Young, who is not only a student, is also an EMT at Nashoba and a local lifegaurd. The video that he created was not only posted on his Facebook account, but it was also reposted on Friday, March 9th by WCVB Channel 5 Boston.

Late last week, WCVB reached out to Young to ask for permission to post his video. When interviewed about the interaction, he told the Chieftain Press, “I was first a little surprised, but then overjoyed at the thought of [my video] becoming viral”. As of Tuesday, March 14th, the video has reached over 58,000 views since being posted on WCVB’s Facebook page.

In the video, Young was in his Lifeguard shorts and was sitting on a lawn chair on his front porch. He proceeded to blow a whistle that he had around his neck and jumped into the snow as though in a pool, then proceeded to swim through the snow.  On WCVB’s post, included a caption which stataed; “I think we found one person who may not be bothered by the chances of a third nor’easter next week”.

When asked what was the reasoning behind the video, Young told the Chieftain Press ” We didn’t have power, so I was bored and had nothing else to do. I thought it would be funny, but I never would have guessed that people would have loved it as much as they did”. This unexpected event has attained Young some recognition. Young went on to say that strangers are even recognizing him; while ordering a pizza, someone came up to him and asked if he was the guy from the video on the news.

According to Young, he is now in communication with Unilad, a British Social- News and entertainment organization, with the hopes of getting his video posted on their website. Unilad reached out to Young after they saw the video on WCVB’s page, asking if they could also use his video. Young and Unilad are currently working out the details.

During the third nor’easter that hit the East Coast this week , Reid Young created a follow up video, once again featuring him in his life guard attire.