Nashoba Students Head to D.C.


Sarah Newton, Editor

Members of the Nashoba community from Bolton, posted on the Next-Door website that they set aside money to send 10 Nashoba students to D.C. for the Never Again Gun Control Rally, all expenses paid. Hannah King became head of the whole project to gather up students who would be interested in this event. The students  leave the afternoon of Friday the 23rd of March, just in time for the rally on the 24th. Many of the students who are attending this trip are also the students who went to D.C. last year with Mr.Hunter for the inauguration. These students are very interested in politics and have been given many amazing opportunities to express their views and experience real world events outside of the classroom.

The students will only be gone for 48 hours. They leave at 1 pm on Friday afternoon and will be staying in a hotel located in downtown D.C. They will then head back in the afternoon on Sunday. While in DC. They will attend the March For Lives Rally, which is organized by the student survivors from Parkland. The March will start on Pennsylvania Avenue and begin at noon on March 24th. The rally is a completely student run event, and they plan on having over 500,000 attendees. They received a permit to have 14 jumbotrons and 2,000 chairs, so that attendees can see the speakers, musical performers, student speakers, and videos according to the Washington Post.

If you are passionate about this issue there are sister rallies all around the country. There will be a March For Our Lives rally taking place on the same day in Boston going from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm. One of the organizers stated on Facebook . “This. is. not. normal. So together with fellow students and survivors they are calling for a ‘March for Our Lives.’ Here in Boston – we heed their call.” The rally will be taking place on Boston Common, where there will be speakers and musical performances. The March For Our Lives Organizers for the Boston rally have applied for permits for the walk and are waiting for approval, but they say the march will take place regardless according to