World Farmers Offered Paid Internships to Nashoba Students

Caitrin Burke, Contributor

A number of students recently applied for this paid internship opportunity working with Flats Mentor Farm. 

For the past 30 years, World Farmers has supported immigrants and refugees while growing and marketing specialty crops in Massachusetts and areas beyond. In fact, they have produced several new crops which are native to areas such as Kenya and Burundi and sold at over 40 farmers’ markets across the state. Previous interns and associates have offered nothing but positive conversation about their experiences.

When asked about his involvement, Paul Theriault said, “I helped make videos about the organization. We made videos about food safety, a promo video, and the farm views. I also helped with marketing and wholesale for the organization, so I helped get ready for their CSA (community supported agriculture) and get wholesale orders ready and organized, then took inventory of what the farmers had on the farm.” He added, “If you’re interested in pursuing anything in business and agriculture it’s a really good opportunity. You can learn a lot from it and meet a lot of great people that work on the farm.”

Mr. Castner advocates strongly for the internship as well: “It’s a great opportunity to put into practice skills that students are learning in the classroom related to marketing or working together in teams or working with the natural world while also doing good. You really get to serve an organization, helping refugees and immigrants establish themselves economically in the country and feed their families while both developing skills and helping people develop skills.”