National Walkouts Hit Nashoba


The Chieftain Press

On February 14th, seventeen teenagers were shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Parkland is the 18th school shooting of 2018 and 1 of 290 school shootings in America since 2013.

Following the Parkland shooting, there has been a surge in anti-gun violence movements ranging from debates to marches to walkouts. Many schools across the country have joined in on this discussion and have even planned their own form of support. 

This week, on March 14th, Nashoba will join in the nation-wide walkout. At 10:00am for seventeen minutes, one minute for each victim of the Parkland shooting, any student that wants to participate will gather outside. Following the walk out, during B and C periods, there will be a “town hall” style assembly, which will address student’s concerns and will give them an opportunity to ask questions of local representatives. 

Senior, Isabel Stringfellow, has been working hard to plan the Nashoba walkout. She has been able to work with administration who has “provided ideas for how to safely make a statement about school safety,” as well as to work with teachers on organizing the event.

Isabel said she wants to spread the message of “solidarity with the victims at Parkland, and all [targets of]school shootings.”  When asked about her opinion on the other walkouts around the country, and if she is trying to send the same message, Isabel responded: “I am glad that other protests are happening across the country and together, we can make an impact. Seeing thousands of high school students walkout respectfully and purposefully will be a memorable image for our communities, our legislators, and our country. We cannot let this kind of tragedy happen again.”

The passion that Isabel has, can be seen throughout a large portion of the Nashoba student body. Freshman Vivien Stringfellow states, “Prayers only go so far for families, and we must act because we may not have another chance to.” Another student, Megan Sweeney, explains how she feels about the movement: “I love this new movement, students all over the country banding together to fight for our safety. This is how it should be.”

Many Nashoba students plan to participate in the walkout on March 14th, and hope that Nashoba can help send a message that school shootings will no longer be tolerated.  To participate in the afternoon assembly, please follow this link to a school-wide Padlet. Here, you will be able to ask questions and join in this very important conversation.